Peninsula Regional Medical Center Tribute to
Joseph Zaki Badros, 1940-2006

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June 29, 2006

There are few in life, one being a friend we lost recently, who can leave a 30 year impression so deeply on the lives of so many others that their genuine kindness and dedication will be the first thing we always recall when thinking fondly about them. In our region and in our Medical Center family, that most certainly applied to Dr. Joseph Badros who died on June 16th.

Dr. Badros was a fixture in our Medical Center, in the local medical community, among his many friends and colleagues, and most certainly among the thousands of patients his healing hands touched over the course of his lifetime and theirs.

It was 1973 when Dr. Badros and his family relocated to the Salisbury area from Buffalo, New York. Throughout his years of practicing medicine, he served on an assortment of clinical committees here that truly shaped the then Peninsula General Hospital into the Medical Center it is today. Dr. Badros also served as the President of the Wicomico Medical Society, and had a passion for art and embraced it, but it is, without question, his love of medicine and his dedication to his patients and theirs to him that he will most warmly be remembered for.

Dr. Badros is survived by his wife Diana, three sons, two stepsons and others. Fittingly, his family will establish a college scholarship fund in his name, and anyone wishing to learn more may contact them through the Medical Staff Services offices here at Peninsula Regional.

Dr. Joseph Badros, who retired in 2005, was 65.

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